A Travel Bucket List: Halloween Edition

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I was poking around travel sites, as I tend to do, and noticed more and more lists of top Halloween Destinations. With that in mind, I decided to make my own bucket list of places to visit during Halloween. Hopefully, at some point in this lifetime, I’ll get to cross each of these places off.

4. Salem , Massachusetts

 I’m a part of the generation that grew up with the cult classic Hocus Pocus. It a story about a virgin who lights a candle and awakens a trio of witches who once wrecked havoc on Salem and now, 300 years later, threatens to do so again. And of course, there’s that whole witch trial history.

* Old Witch House : the only building with direct ties to the 1692 trials still standing today.

* The New England Pirate Museum :The only pirate museum I’ve ever heard of and it retells the story of Blackbeard and the like.

* The 13 Ghosts of Salem : It is described as a 3-D interactive haunted house. I love haunted houses and I’m guessing it’s only better in 3-D.

*Chestnut Street :A National Historic Landmark that showcases antique buildings.

3. Paris, France

*The Catacombs of Paris : On my last day in Paris , my hostel roommate told me about this attraction. I wouldn’t have known it but there are millions of dead, mummified bodies resting underground in Paris. It would be just a weird enough reason to plan an October trip to Paris. The people over at My Parisian Tour have a great review, if you’re interested.

* Versailles : Paris is  glamorous but it also has a very dark and bloody history. Versailles is connected to many of those bloody moments and there have been many claims of ghostly sightings here.

  2. London, England

* Tower of London: Another site I unfortunately missed, one of Henry VIII’s wives was beheaded here yet is known to still walk around the premises.

* The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour: Not at all scary but I’m a Potter fan and I’m sure all the witches, props, and special effects add to the Halloween feeling.

1. Philadelphia, PA

Usually, a place I’ve lived would never be on my bucket list but there’s actually a lot of Philly I haven’t seen. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing Philly’s scary side soon so that’s number 1.

* Eastern State Penitentiary : Has the distinction of being a National Historic Landmark and holding big time criminals like  Al Capone.

Do you guys recommend any Halloween Destinations?

9 thoughts on “A Travel Bucket List: Halloween Edition

  1. Thats kind of cool. I would never think of having a Halloween bucket list. Those actually sound like some fantastic places to go anyway. 🙂 I might have to still that from you. 🙂

  2. There is so much that is wonderful about Paris and I adore it. However, you limit yourself if you do not wander around the country. Each region and department has its treasures.

    • That is something I would like to do, wander around other parts of France and explore. That was just one of spooky attractions I kept reading about over and over so I guess I have to research more to find some outside of Paris.

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