Blog Awards & The Pink Expat is Moving!

I hope the old saying, “Better late than never” still rings true because this post is long, long overdue. I thought the best way to start a new year of blogging is to catch up on old business. So, here is my delayed thanks to those who have gifted me with awards in the past months. The givers probably don’t even remember selecting me for these but it means a lot that people are still reading, commenting, and liking this blog enough to share, even though the posts have been quite sparse lately.

Let’s get it started.

First, the lovely peeps over at Cultfit gave me The Inspiring Blog Award.


 I was really happy to receive this one, mainly because one of my goals with this blog was to encourage and be encouraged by travel. There are no specific rules for this – which I find refreshing so I will just list a few blogs below that inspire me in some way.

1)    The Redhead Chronicles -> Funny and relatable lists, rants, and observations from a follow 20-somehing trying to navigate through life. I initially followed because the author reminded me of my redheaded BFF Nat but I stay for the humor .

2)    Write 2 Be -> As a writer/journalist just starting out, I find plenty of advice and encouragement from Ms. Jimmetta  .

3)    Wholeheartedness -> An endless collection of feel good quotes. Seeing these on my reader makes me smile, even on bad days.


Next up, Snigdha of GetSetAndGo nominated me for Kreativ Blogger Award.


I’ve been following her for a while and spent many hours exploring India on her blog. It’s great being noticed by the people you notice.  

This award asks for 7 interesting facts about 7 nominees and me.

We’ll start with the nominees:

1)    Transplanted Tatar  -> Good ole’ fashioned travel blog featuring stateside and international destinations. Plenty of great photos to see too.

2)    All Around Ana -> I read for the honest & entertaining posts about teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

3)    Full Moon Africa -> Great for planning fantasy trips to the mother continent. I added lots of things from this site to my “ to-do” list.

4)    Food.Life.Zen -> Gorgeous pictures from a fellow Spain-lover and world traveler.

5)    The Harrises of Chicago -> Beautiful photos of international trips as well as their native Chicago.

6)    Inside Public Minds -> Well-written and informative commentary on today’s political, social, & other “touchy” issues.

7)    For The Intolerants -> There’s a little about everything here: travel, life, food etc. Dedicated to finding the less popular aspects of life.


Now, the 7 interesting facts:

1) I had a dream and now I want to write a book about aliens. Do I have any knowledge or prior interest about aliens? Nope. But I’m easily inspired.

2) I’m really into mythology. Particularly, the Greek myths and Native American legends.

3) My favorite poet is Langston Hughes.

4) I hate the word “Savory”.

5) I’ve been afraid of escalators since getting stuck on one when I was eight years old.

6) My favorite city is London.

7) I’M MOVING TO SOUTH KOREA! Since coming back from Spain, I’ve been working on a plan to go abroad again. After a long year’s worth of work and several (hundreds) moments of desperation, I finally made it happen. In February, I’m moving to Gyeonbuk, South Korea to teach English as an EPIK teacher. I know there are tons of blogs dedicated to EPIK teachers in South Korea but I could hardly find any about teachers living in Gyeonbuk. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring you guys some unique posts about places and things you’ve never seen before. I’ve never been to Asia before but as always, I’m down for the adventure. And I can’t wait to share it with you all.

9 thoughts on “Blog Awards & The Pink Expat is Moving!

  1. Shantaya, Awesome! This year has gotten off to a great start for you it sounds! Good luck making the move to Korea and looking forward to reading the posts from there. Cheers, Steph

  2. AWESOME! and all the best on your new journey! You’ll do an amazing job there I’m sure .. looking forward to the wealth of knowledge you’ll have to share 🙂

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