A Bucket List: The Museum Edition

No matter where you’re going, chances are there’s a museum waiting for you there. Not everyone’s into museums-some find them boring  or too time consuming. Others are just more interested in seeing what a place has to offer in the present. I’ll admit that sometimes I can be that person, especially if I’m just not into the subject material. For example, I loved Spain but it seemed like I was dragged to a Cathedral/Museum in every single city I visited.Towards the end, I started to develop a twitch whenever a stained-glass window came into view. On the other hand, when I visited The Met in New York or Paris’ Louvre I found whole afternoons gone and still feeling unsatisfied when closing time came. 

So, it’s likely that I won’t willingly go a Cathedral any time soon but I can’t wait until I find the next museum where I can spend hours with completely intrigued and content.

Here are 5 museums from around the world that I think might fit the bill.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam , Netherlands

Goree Island- House of Slaves Musuem near Senegal , Africa





Tate Modern in London, UK





Field Musuem in Chicago, US





Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter in Watford , UK

3 thoughts on “A Bucket List: The Museum Edition

  1. I’ve been to the slave house on goree island and they have preserved it as it was making it easy to ‘go back’ to the time it was used to house slaves. The guy in the picture you have holding up the handcuffs was there when I went and provided haunting commentary. It was a pretty emotional visit but one definitely worthy of a museum bucket list. Just don’t go on the weekend if you can manage it!

    • Wow, it’s amazing you got to visit.Sounds life-changing. I will definitely keep your advice in mind for the day I do get to go! Thanks for reading:)

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