5 Ways to Combat Pre-Trip Nervousness

In mere hours, I’m leaving for the airport. After a two-hour flight, I’ll finally be able to start my China Adventure. For some reason, I’m very nervous about the trip. The logistics of getting from here to the airport, meeting up with my tour group, and taking the subway is blowing my mind.
For last two weeks my mind has been flooded with everything that could go wrong. So, I’ve triple checked everything and packed days in advance. We’ll see how this planning thing works out. (If you can’t tell, I’m usually a wait until the last-minute  kind of person.)
Now that I’m just twiddling my thumbs, I decided to write about essential steps to take when planning a trip to China – or anywhere. I hope they come in handy.

5. Confirm in Advance

A few weeks after reserving plane tickets or hotel/hostel reservations, I always call or email to confirm that everything is in order.

4. Look Up Directions Before You Get Lost

When traveling alone, I find it really comforting to look up directions before the trip. Obviously , you can’t schedule and mapquest every moment of the trip but you can save time by finding out how to get to the hotel or a main attraction.

3. Go App Crazy

I spent most of the week looking up apps that will be helpful. I found a few phrase books, translators,and maps that all work offline for when I’m in a jam.

2.  Budget Your Money

Making sure you have enough money for food,transportation,shopping, and sightseeing is imperative. It also helps to have some funds set aside for emergencies. 

1. Double Check One Last Time

For this point I have a little story .

One spring break upon a time, me and two friends planned a trip to Florida. It was March and still snowing in NYC so we were eagerly awaiting beaches and shorts. In line for security,  my friend-let’s call her Red- started looking through her bag and pockets for her ID. I made a funny little comment about how horrible it would be if she forgot it , we all laughed, and then seconds later, she turned and said, “No. I really don’t have it.”

We ended up getting the ID in time but in some freak accident , we  ended up boarding the plane without Red and spent our first hours of vacation waiting for her to fly in on a later flight.

My friends and I constantly talk and laugh about this accident now but at the time it was a really tense sequence of events. It all could have been prevented if we took a few minutes to check everything before leaving home.

What are some other essential things to do before going on a trip?

5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Combat Pre-Trip Nervousness

  1. I always check I have my meds and always take band aids in my purse. Travel always equates with torn cuticles for me!!!

  2. So true … I’ve already put my passport and school id in my suitcase for safe keeping! made up my list of things to take …. memos strung all over the place.

    It’s nerve racking I tell you! and the night before I can never sleep! lol Great pointer though! Hope your adventures have been great so far. Can’t wait to hear about em’

  3. My mom actually lost her ID on a trip to Florida one year. After 9-11. I’m not sure what she had to do to get on her plane, but I remember hearing it involved jumping and lots of hoops.

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