Snapshots: Things You See in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park

What you’ll see on a fall day in Philly’s famous Fairmount Park Area.





Fairmount Park Philadelphia Stately boathouses lines the trail of Fairmount Park . There’s even a nice view of the Art Museum from the parking lot.

The Waterfront & the Philadelphia Skyline



Philadelphia skyline Philadelphia Waterfront

The waterfront serves as a source of both exercise and inspiration for Philly residents. It also serves as a platform to exhibit Eagle pride.

Scenic Trails for Walking, Biking, & Resting

Philadelphia Fairmount Park

Philadelphia Fairmount Park

Art in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Fairmount Park

Greenery is everywhere and makes it easy to forget that you’re in the middle of bustling city.


Art in Philadelphia

Art in Philadelphia

Art in Philadelphia Murals

Art in Philadelphia

Because in Philly, murals and graffiti are synonymous with art.


Philadlephia Philly visit

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