Day 1 in LA: The Red Carpert Experience &The Lost Bookshop

After an overnight journey on a cramped bus, I didn’t want to do anything but shower and sleep when I arrived in LA. But seeing as how my hostel has a strict no early check-in policy, I had no options but to explore.

Because there was no luggage storage nearby, I brought a cheap one-way ticket Amtrak ticket in order to use their storage. Then, I set off to experience Hollywood.

Exploring Hollywood

As soon as I emerged from the Hollywood & Vine subway exit, I saw it: the pink star catching the sun on the pavement. I was officially on the walk of fame. The names of many of the  actors, writers, singers, and musicians I grew up watching etched into the ground, a true testament to their talent. I spent the next half hour or so walking down the street , trying not to be too obvious with the picture taking. It was very early in the morning and I could tell I was the only tourist by the way others walked quickly, sunglasses either glued to their phone or towards the sky.

Blurry avenue of the stars- LA

Blurry walk of fame

Walk of Fame-Alfred Hitchcock

Walk of Fame-Alfred Hitchcock

Walk of Fame-Diana Ross LA

Walk of Fame-Diana Ross

I eventually wandered into the famous Chinese Theater. The theater has been operating for over 70 years and has been the site of many a blockbuster premiere. Visitors also stop by to see the cemented hand and foot prints of some of Hollywood’s most beloved. I spied the prints of Michael Jackson, the Harry Potter trio, the Twilight Cast, and Johnny Deep.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

2014-11-10 09.18.12

Harry Potter Cast-wand, hand, and foot prints

michael jackson footprints la

Michael Jackson

Twilight Cast

Twilight Cast

Marylin Monroe making hand prints

Marilyn Monroe making hand prints

After a look at the Dolby theater, I wondered into the Highlands Center and was lucky enough to witness the red carpet being set up.

Dolby Theater

Dolby Theater

The red carpet-- wonder what the event was ?

The red carpet– wonder what the event was ?

The Last Bookstore

Fatigued , but still several hours from my check-in time, I went to a place  I knew would feel like home.  A book store.

The Last Bookstore is the most unique of its kind. There is two floors of books, overstuffed armchairs, and vintage and out-of-prints editions are readily available. There’s a whole ware-housed sized room of sale books and a whole wing of  art gallaries and studios on the upper floor. Many of the studios have welcome signs, and though none of them were open during my visit, I imagine people can come in and chat with the artists or buy pieces from them directly if they choose.

Oh, yeah…there’s also a labyrinth of books. I repeat: A labyrinth…of books…inside a bookstore! That alone is worth a visit.

the last bookshop la

Part of the book labyrinth

the last bookshop la

art gallery

the last bookshop la

art for sale

After that , it was finally time to hop on the bus and make it to my hostel. Which , if you read my last post, you will know it turned out to be the best hostel ever. I took a long, hot shower and settled into bed just as the sun went down. ( It turns out that it still gets dark around 5pm on the West Coast during the winter months– I was expecting summer weather!) and when I woke near midnight, I ordered Thai take out and planned the next day’s sightseeing.


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