2o15 Travel Review

For me , 2015 hasn’t been a year of travel per say. It was, however, a year of many trips, some new experiences, and (seemingly) endless roundtrip bus tickets as I resettled in New York. Though I haven’t updated this blog much throughout the year, I have documented it in pictures and quick freeform writing sessions that will end up on the blog sooner or later.

But because this blog is as much a place for me to remember and chart my progress and happy moments as it is a public place to share and research travel, I didn’t want to break my tradition of posting some upcoming and accomplished goals for the new year.

Goals for 2015

This time last year, I was in my family home, miserable, as I wrote down my goals. My goals were, in order: To become an editorial assistant for a publishing company, move back to New York ( since this is where the publishing job were), and travel.

I started the year of as an unpaid intern and went on dozens and dozens of interviews . Although the job search was frustrating and it felt like I made no progress for months at a time, I ended up in the right place. And I get to end the year exactly as I dreamed I would: as an editorial assistant for a publishing company. Job: Check

I  also ended up back in New York. I spent the first part of the year commuting back and forth from Philly to New York. There was a good five months where I had to wake up at 4: 30am every morning and was lucky to be in bed by 11 pm. And although it was challenging to find an apartment on my budget, I’m now all settled and comfy. Living independently: Check

I didn’t travel out of the country at all in 2015. An exciting summer of side trips and Canada were cancelled after a close family’s member car accident in June. But I did get to experience a handful of broadway shows, discover the hidden gems of Queens, spend some lovely summer days and nights at Coney Island, and found a good group of people to explore with. So travel…hmm, I’d give myself a half check for needs improvement.

My goals for 2016 are simple:

Goal 1: I want to kick butt at my job and become more and more involved with the publishing industry.

Goal 2: It’s time to get on a plane again. I for sure want to cross Canada off my list and maybe , I’ll be able to get to Egypt this year too.

Goal 3: Do something with the two (!!!) completed novels I now have under my belt.

I’d love to hear which goals you crossed off your list this year and which ones you’ll tackle this year.

Hopefully, we’ll cross them off together by 2017.




2 thoughts on “2o15 Travel Review

  1. Great list! Happy for you that you were able to check some items off your list by year’s end. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and not see how the whole picture fits together. My wish for you is that you realize those travel goals for 2016. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    • Thank you , Vernette! Happy new year to you and I hope you reach all of your goals too…I’m on my way over to your blog right now , I’m so happy you’re back 🙂

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