Snapshots:Brooklyn’s Famous Christmas Lights

I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the Christmas Season , so I thought I would share some photos from my night out in Brooklyn’s famous Dyker Heights Neighborhood.  Every year, scores of visitors flock to see the neighborhood’s over-the-top Christmas decorations and lights. And by over the top, I mean stately, brick mansions with life-sized walking nutcracker dolls,a dj-ing Santa, trains that circle rooftops, garages turned into a winter hideaway for Star War characters, and LED snowflakes.

Take a look for yourself.

2015-12-18 20.08.19

Let’s start with my favorite of the night

2015-12-18 20.08.42

There’s more!

2015-12-18 20.10.59

Candy Canes and the manger

2015-12-18 20.12.02

Christmas:Dyker Heights Style

2015-12-18 20.12.54

A typical Dyker Heights neighborhood during the Christmas Season

2015-12-18 20.14.26

Projected LED Snowflakes

2015-12-18 20.16.09

A Star Wars Christmas

2015-12-18 20.36.24

Fun Christmas Chaos -I see something new every time I look at this photo

2015-12-18 20.41.09

A real life gingerbread house !



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