In the fall of 2011, I spent a semester abroad in Granada, Spain. The experience sparked a transformation and after five months of living and traveling around Europe, the inevitable happened: I caught the Wanderlust bug.

Simply defined, Wanderlust refers to the consuming and unquenchable attraction to exploring the unfamiliar. Symptoms may or may not include addiction to the travel channel, constant daydreams of overseas adventures, and a restless feeling when one has been stagnant for too long. 

Along the road to building my ideal expat life, I’ve faced some obstacles. Naysayers have said I’m too quiet,big,awkward,naïve, and lacking-of-a-real-job to travel full-time. I myself thought I was too broke, scatter-brained, big haired, and panicky to go anywhere alone. (Afros attract attention EVERYWHERE)

Yet, three years later I have managed to spend 12 months working and living thousands of miles from home and have visited over 10 countries. I’ve climbed the Great Wall, stood under the Eiffel Tower at midnight, and read my favorite books along the bank of the Thames River. And most importantly, I did it solo.

I created this blog for two reasons.

First, I want to record and share my experiences country hopping with nothing but a pink backpack.

And second, I want to inspire all those girls who think or have been told they are too young/big/quiet/eccentric/tiny/ etc. to travel solo that YOU CAN.


So, ladies, stop worrying, go find a (preferably pink) backpack , and check back weekly for first-hand travel experiences, reviews, and advice.


We have some traveling to do.


Me, my trusty backpack, and a very unsanitary London telephone booth.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I hope you will visit again. Remember, wanderlust is something you do not want to be cured of. My wanderlust has led me to a live in La Belle France and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I spend much of my time exploring all things french and try to bring that to the blog. It says much about you that you did not by into the “unfriendly” french stereotype. I have lived here five years and still not encountered unfriendly french. The one who stole your t-shirt was most likely not french. There are many here from other parts of the world.
    Bon courage et bon chance!

  2. It was a coincidence that you stopped by my blog on the day that I decided to post about my up coming vacation, which I just posted. You must be a mind reader. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and I think I would like to follow you on your journeys. Get blog! 🙂

  3. One thing I regret is not having researched and taken advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. Though we travel frequently, I can’t imagine the experience of being able to immerse myself in a country for an extended amount of time. Awesome!

    • Thanks!It’s been the highlight of my life so far.Travel for any amount of time is a rewarding experience but I hope you get to see your goal of staying longer next time you head out of the country 🙂

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    • Thank you this award. I don’t think it’s as inspiring as the other sites listed here but I will gladly take it! I get around to doing it soon!

  5. This is SO GREAT! You go girl! I just came back from a semester in Granada….really, I don’t know if the pain will ever go away, does the pain ever go away? I want to go back every single day.

    • Whenever I meet people who have lived in Granada , my heart gets all happy. I would love to say it goes away but I’ve been back for almost a year and , I kid you not, everyday I think about Granada. I think it’s a mixture of missing traveling and then just missing being in a great city. We will survive, somehow, though. Thanks for the reading and following, I’ll be keeping up with your blog so I hope we stay in touch.

    • Most of these trips are from last year and , unfortunately, I’ve been quite stationary this year. It was great while it lasted though. Thanks for reading and comments. I would love to have lived around the world

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    • Thank you, Harrises, for the award. I was reading through your questions and I’m so eager to answer them- I will be answering them as soon as I have time to explore and find some new travel blogs. Thanks again you guys. I like the new lay out also.

  7. Hi there! Just a quick note to let you know I will be nominating you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I am still writing up the post, but details will soon be on my blog 🙂

    • Thank You! Sorry for the delay;I plan on sitting down this weekend to catch up on everything so I’ll be writing the post for this then. Thanks again , looking forward to exploring your blog.

  8. Thanks for liking my post from London! I heartily agree about the London phone booth. My five year old grandson is fond of observing if a car in a movie kicks up dust or if he sees a trash dump in a picture he will cover his nose and say, ” I bet that smells yucky!” He has no idea when it comes to those phone booths. Anyway, you gotta get in one for the photo op! Hold your breath and move on.

    • Lol, yes it is all about the photo op. Most of them weren’t bad but of course the one I picked was…uh, questionable. Your grandson sounds hilarious…I would love to see his reaction to a London phone booth.
      Thanks for stopping by blog as well!

    • I carried no more than a weeks worth of clothing and became a master expert at rolling and layering…
      I actually had to retire this bag because I busted all the zippers 😦
      But thank you for reading and commenting…I think this subject might be a blog post soon !

      • Um yes I think you have to teach us your skills! 🙂 I definitely need some help, I have been shopping while traveling and I shouldn’t be, I think I have to mail some stuff home soon :p

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