Snapshots: Amsterdam & The Red Light District (And the FOOD!)

Red Light District of Amsterdam

In “Meeting Corrie Ten Boom & Anne Frank” and “How a Smile Changed my Trip to Amsterdam“, I wrote about being inspired and rejuvenated in Amsterdam. While searching for new post material, I realized that there are lots of experiences … Continue reading

How a Smile Changed My Trip to Amsterdam

After being caught in countless rainstorms, dealing with the rude staff in Gatwick airport, and being yelled at and called “crazy” for brushing against a woman’s backpack in a boarding line, my time in Amsterdam was not off to a … Continue reading

Meeting Corrie Ten Boom & Anne Frank in the Netherlands

During my last visit to Europe, I checked another country off my bucket list: The Netherlands.  Amsterdam–with its liberal,party atmosphere– is a must-see for most backpackers and I imagine Haarlem– a small,quiet town just minutes away–also attracts visitors in search … Continue reading