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Sesi Magazine –> One of the few magazines to focus on issues relevant to teen African-American girls. I also happen to write for them. Check out for advice, celebrity interviews, quizzes, and more fun stuff. 

New York Times’ Travel Section–> Lots of great links, pictures, and new destinations to research. Plus, it hosts one of my favorite travel resources , The Frugal Travel Blog

Afar Magazine–> Every month , I go to Barnes and Noble, get a tall Carmel Frappuccino, and smuggle into a quiet corner with this magazine. I read it from cover to cover, sometimes twice in one seating, just to study the way people record their travel experiences and to check out the pictures once more. They cover everything from books to travel gear to once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the travel addicted. 


Writer, Writer Pants on Fire–>  A great blog by author Mindy McGinnis. If publication is your goal as a writer, there is something here for you no matter where you are in the process.  Interviews with authors at every stage of the process, book reviews, and my favorite series, the Saturday Slash, where query letters are honestly and respectfully edited, make this blog one to visit daily.

What sites do you suggest I check out?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Links

  1. I like Lonely Planet & National Geographic of course. I usually pick some place from my bucket list and go on the hunt for a good info, keep my fingers crossed and go. It is also very good if someone I know has been there. That is when I get the best tips.

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