The Best Travel Moments of 2014

Museumplein Park in Amsterdam

This year has been weird. Because I try to keep this blog strictly about traveling, I’ll just say this: I left Korea thinking I had a solid plan and a solid career start. When I came home, nothing worked out as … Continue reading

Missing the Train to Hogwarts: A Day at Leavesden Studios

I couldn’t go to London without making the trek out to Leavesden Studios. Since filming of the Harry Potter movies concluded , the two studio stages, J & K ( See what they did there?) have been turned into permanent … Continue reading

A Travel Bucket List: Halloween Edition

I was poking around travel sites, as I tend to do, and noticed more and more lists of top Halloween Destinations. With that in mind, I decided to make my own bucket list of places to visit during Halloween. Hopefully, … Continue reading