Bucket List: International Foods Edition

Today’s post is short and delicious: A bucket list of foods from around the world .

Authentic Chai from India

Photo Credit: wikipedia

Photo Credit: wikipedia

Milk tea with lots of herbs and sweeteners.

Jachnun from Israel

Photo Credit: Pbase.com

Photo Credit: Pbase.com

This slow-cooked, rolled dough stick originated with the Yemenite Jews. Traditionally, it’s prepared in advance and cooked overnight to avoid work on the Sabbath. The dough is prepared with honey and roasted tomatoes and a spicy sauce isused for dipping. It’s only available on the Sabbath , so hopefully I find myself in Israel on some future Saturday.

Authentic Creole Food from Louisiana

Po' Boy Sandwich Photo Credit: Foodnetwork.com

Po’ Boy Sandwich
Photo Credit: Foodnetwork.com

Jambalaya,Gumbo,Po’boys ( I’m sure  Popye’s has nothing on the real deal), and seafood galore. I’m down for anything with seafood so I’m sure the Louisiana cuisine will suite me fine.

Som Tum from Thailand

Photo Credit: thaicookinghouse.com

Photo Credit: thaicookinghouse.com

Hopefully, I’ll make it to Thailand while I’m living in Asia. While I’m there this famous Green Papaya Salad-made with salted crab, nuts, and a host of vegetables-  will probably end up being a favorite.

Bubble Tea from Taiwan


Bubble tea is popular in Philly and New York and even has a devoted following in South Korea. It’s never been a favorite of mine but trying it in it’s birth place might change all that.The cold tea is sweet, milky, and is characterized by the flavorful little balls that line the bottom of the cup.

Patbingsu from South Korea


Photo Credit: Paris Baguette

It’s summer in South Korea which means I’ll soon get to try this snack first-hand. Patsingsu is a popular street food during the hot months. It’s shaved ice and sweetened beans topped with ice cream and lots of fruit. I honestly can’t wait for this one.