Check Out Sesi Magazine & Update

I’ve mentioned before that I just graduated from college this past May with a degree in English & minor in Hispanic Studies. We won’t talk about how the employment search has been going but I do want to highlight one writing opportunity (besides this blog) I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with.

Sesi Magazine is a first of its kind; it’s aimed at African -American Girls between the ages of 12 to 19 and provides a community for them by covering topics relating to school life/college,beauty, fashion and much, much more. 

Sesi Magazine is hoping to relaunch this Winter and needs some help getting on local shelves. Distribution would make this publication more accessible and affordable for its audience.

Click here to read more about Sesi Magazine and its cause or here to read my blog posts, and others, at Sesi’s blog site.

Please spread the word!

And Now For Me

I’ve also said before that I’m dedicated to living a life of travel and I wanted to share my first step to fulfilling that dream. I recently signed up for a TEFL course and , hopefully, after completing it in December I’ll be off to some distant and unknown land. I figure there’s no better time than now. I’m really excited about the possibility of teaching abroad and , of course, actively traveling again. You all know I spent last fall studying in Granada and , before that, I studied Spanish in high school and college. It’s going to be interesting being on the other side. 

Coming soon: A list of the funniest things overheard while traveling and an overview of my time in Rome, Italy.