Help Me Plan the Greatest Summer in NYC (And Life Update)

It’s happened again.

Months have gone by without me posting a single thing. At least this time , it was for a good reason.

As the regular readers know, I came back from Korea a while ago and since then, have been trying to readjust. I was able to explore the States a little , bounced from one freelance gig to another , and finally started taking strides to do something I’ve been planning on doing since college: have a career in the publishing industry.

It took about six months, an unpaid internship, a few weeks of commuting from Philly to New York almost daily, and dozens and dozens of applications and interviews. At last I’m finally settled with a great job and a great temporary apartment. Since everything changed practically overnight ( I went on an interview, started working the next day , and after losing several apartments , found the best one yet and moved in hours later) I felt like I haven’t really had a chance to breathe until recently.

Now that I have free time again , I can devote it to Girl and Her Pink Backpack.

I have a  lot to update you all on. There’s a whole Caribbean vacation recap to finish, a very yummy ( and my first ) review, some tips and guides, and a whole summer ahead to share with you in New York.

And speaking of a summer in the city, I’d like to create content you’d all enjoy reading. So vote below and tell me which New York Summer Destinations you’d most like to hear about.

Ready? I am!